Due to corona pandemic: Neisse film festival has to reschedule

Dear fans of film and festival friends,
Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, the 17th Neisse Film Festival will unfortunately not be able to take place in May as planned.
We have made this decision together with our partners and sponsors.
The trinational cooperation reaching across the borders is the heart of our festival. The organisation of the festival program, with over 20 venues in three countries, is a challenge even under normal conditions.

With the extensive restrictions on public life that have come with the spread of the Corona virus, the closed cinemas, closed national borders between our three countries, and an uncertainty with regard to the coming developments over the next weeks, a solid, reliable festival preparation is no longer possible, meaning the festival itself cannot be carried out as planned. We are very sorry to make this decision. But the health of our team and of our guests takes priority!

The 17th Neisse Film Festival should not be completely canceled, however. Details such as whether it takes place in a more compact form at a later date, or whether parts of the program can be offered online, are yet to be settled.
Visit us online for the most current information on this: