17. NFF 2020: Trailer

Today was supposed to be the closing curtain for the 17th Neisse Film Festival. The time of anticipation now begins as we look forward to four festival days in September. Many thanks to Annegret and Till for the wonderful trailer...
Annegret Ehrhardt and Till Giermann have been working together since 2012 as Kollektiv schmalbreit-film. Their first animated short film, "Rue des Fleurs", won the Young Talent Award in 2016 at the "Kurzsuechtig" film festival in Leipzig. Since then, they have been carrying out various projects together or individually -- short films, music videos or installations. In cooperation with Greenhouse Production in Dresden the short film "Sealand" was created starting in 2017, which won the audience favorite award at the 29th International Film Festival in Dresden 2019, and was also shown at the 16th Neisse Film Festival. Annegret Ehrhardt and Till Giermann have also worked as tutors since 2018 at the "Anima", which takes place twice a year at the animated cartoon studio Fantasia in Dresden.