brochure to expert conference "Absent: Central – and Eastern Europe in the cinemas"

This publication aims at inviting you to explore a very rich and diverse region, both in terms of storytelling and film, which unjustly is rarely present on most screens. Central and Eastern Europe remain to be discovered in European cinemas, mostly showing Hollywood and local productions. This brochure, result of an expert conference during Neisse Film Festival in May 2018, is designed to offer an introductory overview. We would like to thank the Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa for financial support as well as all participants and those who work towards establishing Central and Eastern European film.

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Europäische Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE)       Kooperationsprogramm zur Förderung der grenzübergreifenden Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem Freistaat Sachsen und der Tschechischen Republik 2014-2020      Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa