Focus 2022: Family Affairs

This year's focus is entitled "Family Affairs" and will address the changes in family concepts and/or the comparison of such conceptions in eastern and western Europe from before 1989 up through today. With the corresponding program, the viewer can grapple more intensively with various percpectives on this topic, so very relevant on both an individual and a social level, and at the same time experience enthralling, touching period stories told as if highlighted under a magnifying glass. Vastly differing human experiences are taken up which, aside from their oft problem-oriented and tragic aspects, frequently form deeply comical constellations as well.

In the focus film series nine feature films, documentaries and short films will be shown. Lutz Seiler will also read from his book "Stern 111" on May 18 in the Gerhart-Hauptmann Theater, and a photo exhibition entitled "Voll der Osten" ("Totally East(ernI") is planned in the Sparkasse Zittau.